This indie pop song was created having in mind V’s fans, to help them heal when they listen to it. V was actively involved in the creation of the song, also when it came to choosing the right instruments to match the specific sound he had in mind.

During the interview with Rolling Stones, V mentioned that the song started out from him feeling that he “really wanted a good night’s sleep.”


Originally, it was supposed to land on V’s mixtape, but he decided to release it as a part of OST to Itaewon Class. It happened thanks to his long friendship with Park Seo Joon—the leading actor in the series.

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What have V said about the song?

I read the webtoon for Itaewon Class a long time ago, and I remember finding it really entertaining with a message of its own. I particularly liked the character Park Saeroi [played by Park Seo Joon], and I’m so happy that my good friend and hyung is playing him. I’m also thankful to be able to participate in such a great drama through a self-produced track. I hope you will all love it a lot.

How was the song received? What records did it set?


Release Date

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March 13, 2020