The numerical breakup of the solution occurred soon after the last cross-section shown in each case.

The numerical breakup of these cases occurred along these outward moving extremities as noted above.


The formation and breakup of families constitutes a quite complicated process that operates over time.

Collisional breakup can reset the exposure ages for some meteorites, and produce ‘double exposure ‘ or other complexities for others.

The diffusing vorticity (or turbulence) fosters the development of a turbulent boundary layer which, in turn, promotes the breakup of the incoming coherent vortex tubes.

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The stability analysis of a viscous liquid jet in an ambient gas reveals that there are two distinct mechanisms of the jet breakup.

The collapse of this industry in the 1980s has resulted in high unemployment and a breakup of the traditional fabric of the community.

Most studies are for the breakup of a jet.

It is strange that breakup of the interface takes place in such a peculiar way a t 8 = 75″.

Common nouns of this type are blackout, breakup, getaway, get-together, hold-up, mix-up, sit-in, and take-off.

A very effective breakup of the interface takes place, followed by vigorous mixing of the fluid of the two originally separate layers.

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These finite-amplitude waves can cause local instability and in some cases even cause breakup of the ligament.

But the calm neutrality-almost indifference-with which many younger people from the bottom of the working class heap also talk about marital breakup is striking.

Rather than risk a breakup of the state, a government may propose some measure of selfgovernment for dissatisfied citizens of a particular region.

This process evidently preceded the breakup of multinational polities, especially in the former communist bloc after 1989.

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